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Probably the most powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use self-hosted Website Builder Ever!

Try an online demo - set up in seconds, no credit card required.

Website Setup

Installation is automated, when website is installed you'll be asked for few details, like email address, website name and company details - your new website will use this data to create base subpages that just fit your needs out of box: a contact page, privacy policy and more!

Point & Click

Most of your website elements are editable. Just move your mouse over the area you want to change and click to start editing: text, image. videos or an app like Gallery or Shop

Drag & Drop

Website contents are organized into "content blocks", you can add pre-made content blocks to your pages, edit them easily and re-arrange by dragging and dropping to new places.

Easy & intuitive from step one.

List of Features

Kopage is all-in-one website builder solution, it not only allows you creating your website easily, but there are built-in addons like Shop, Photo Gallery, Newsletter and more. If you're a power-user, you can easily embed your own, custom code!

Self-Hosting Website Builder?

It's a website builder you can easily install on your own webhosting account and you have full control over your website files.

1. Installation

We made it as easy as possible. You can download files and upload them to your account with your favorite FTP client or use our Online Installation page.

2. Edit a Website

Your website is ready as soon as you install it, you can add new subpages, edit pages with your own content, add photos and more!

Need a Webhosting?

You'll need to have a webhosting account (and domain name) before installing a website. If you don't have it yet, find a webhost

Try an online demo - set up in seconds, no credit card required.