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If you just want to build a website - you can get Kopage for free from your webhosting company. Can't find it? Ask your webhost for Kopage SiteBuilder

Kopage is a Website Builder
for the Best Webhosts!

Is this a "Sitebuilder toy"?

No! It's not a toy :) With Kopage you can build simple websites and blogs, but also professional, advanced websites - like this one! (our website is built using Kopage SiteBuilder!)

How much does it cost?

If you're an user and just want to build a website, most webhosts will offer Kopage for free, as an addon to their premium webhosting service, but this will depend on your webhosting company.

Where can I start?

Kopage is a website builder for webhosting industry, your webhosting provider should already have it installed inside their cPanel. If you can't find it in your control panel (like cPanel), ask your server admin for assistance

What does Market in my admin area mean?

In Market, you can extend your website! Get more modules, unlock hidden features, get more templates and even royalty-free photos, which will be automatically downloaded to your files manager

Is Kopage compatible with our control panel?

Kopage is a cPanel Website Builder, but it's probably compatible with your custom panel too. We provide integration plugins for cPanel and DirectAdmin only, what means Kopage banner/icon will appear on control panel's dashboard and allow users build websites directly from there, including authorization process. For non-cPanel servers you can embed sitebuilder to your own page and clients can build websites from there, asked for their username/password to continue and websites will be installed directly to their webhosting/FTP account.

Where are the files hosted?

Main installation machine (a sitebuilder) is hosted on your own server and from this location it installs websites to users accounts: users websites are hosted on their own cPanel/FTP accounts, so user has access to files for backup or customization. Premium features or themes are hosted in our cloud (service guaranteed by DigitalOcean.com) and are installed to user's account on-demand.

What are requirements?

If you have a cPanel/WHM webhosting it's probably good enough. Kopage is PHP script and can be installed as any other PHP script, you can simply upload it to your FTP account. Please make sure you have ionCube Loaders available on your server. Root access it also recommended, and required if you install Kopage in your cPanel.

Can I translate Kopage to my language?

Yes! Each default Kopage installation comes in English, we also have Spanish, Portuguese and Polish language packs already available. On request, we can provide access to an online translation tool, so you can translate it to your own language easily.

You didn't find answer?

Please feel free to contact us!
Kopage is a Website Builder for Webhosts and Webhosting Industry,
compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin, Parallels Plesk and other hosting control panels.
Give it to your clients for free. Make sure you tried a Logo Maker too!
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